Anvil Smith; Sleepwalker, Confesses

Russia is quickly becoming that country/market where music and great music is coming out of hot and fast.  With that, Anvil Smith out of Moscow, continues the trend with this fantastic album of originals.

Getting samples from every corner of the earth, and laying them into his signature funky beats, he’s woven a tapestry of chilled out beatronica that I absolutely love. Every one of these tracks are fantastic all alone, but could absolutely house a great lyricist or vocalist as well.

I’ve included my favorite three tunes from the album below, but do not think that these three tunes are the extent of the goodness on the album.  All 10 tracks are worth the listen and the download.  Get after it, and if you’re a Soundcloud follower you get it today for free!  if you’re not, well then you’ve been clued in. So yeah give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy your Confessions of a Sleepwalker.

Time To Reminisce by Anvil Smith

With The Last Beams by Anvil Smith

When I Roll by Anvil Smith

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