365 Days Of Holm.!

Alright then, so who’s down to tackle a 365 day project with me?  All it requires is your ears and your following of Holm. (Soundcloud, Facebook).   Holm.,  a beatsmith out of Boston, is in the midst of a self-imposed project of uncertainty and exploration of epic proportions.  I can hardly remember to eat breakfast every day, much less provide a beat every day, but he’s doing it and so far it’s quite enjoyable.  I keep waiting for it to become stale or repetitive (sometimes I’m a grumpy ol’ cynic), but he is keeping it fresh with different vibes, some great sample work and throwing in a remix every now and again. With all of these tunes and beats there is an overall quality that keeps you really looking forward to that new day.

If you want and abridged version of what the project is about, Holm. selected 20 of his favorites from Days 1-50 HERE.  If you’re still intrigued and interested, then come with me on the ride.  Day 158 is his latest and is up to this point one of my favorites.  I haven’t listened to them all, admittedly, but I backtrack when I’ve missed a few and catch up that way.

Below are three of my favorites so far, which his newest being one of them.  So come along for the ride and let’s see what the 2nd half of this crazy project has in store for us.

Day 158 – I Should’ve Talked to You. by Holm.

Day 61 – French Cassettes – Little Shoes (Holm. Remix) by Holm.

Day 27 – Two Moons by Holm.

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