Zomblaze With The New Age

Other than keeping up with tour info, release dates and various ramblings from artists you like/fan/follow on any of the numerous social mediums artists also tend to throw out some great recommendations on artists/music that you might have never heard of or might have just missed.  I believe that with the producers and friends that I have, I could just go off of their suggestions and build out quite the powerful playlist.  But really, where is the fun in that??

Today I got the double notification from AMB and Fine Cut Bodies of an EP from an artist named Zomblaze.  The fact that these two Hungarian juggernauts touted a fellow Hungarian is no surprise, and the fact that I’d never heard of him, I guess is also no surprise (my Hungarian music knowledge is pretty lacking), but what is left over from all of this let-down is that this EP (get it HERE) off of Chi Recordings, a Hungarian staple for years,  is quite nice!

Including an acoustic version of the track breathe, featuring RK as a precursor to the song is an interesting note.  Not relegated to the B-Side or lasty track of the album as a Bonus, this acoustic version shows that the strength of the simple vocals and guitar were strong enough on their own to stand out.  Then when Zomblaze added his touch, you see how very different, but still lovely the tune has become.  The final track, Hundian is another great one and probably my second favorite of the EP.  And then Stratosphere brings you back to how well this EP is constructed.

This EP has a little something for everyone on here and I love this discovery, even if it wasn’t all on my own merits.  So follow Zomblaze (Soundcloud, Facebook) like I have, cop this EP (HERE) and show him some love.  And next time you see AMB or Fine Cut Bodies, tell ’em thanks!

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