You Needs That New Giraffage

Ever since Close 2 Me, the opening track to Giraffage’s new album was dropped a couple of days ago (HERE), people have been looking forward to the new album.  It dropped on Friday and hopefully you all got your hands on it.  If not, get it HERE, straight away.  It is 9 tracks of pure sexytime and it doesn’t let you down one bit throughout the entire album.

Close 2 Me is quite the opener too, letting you know what you’re in for, and it keeps you hooked for the duration.   So do yourself a favor and sample this album below.  While it is an option to get for free, after hearing it, you’ll want to throw a few dollars at it just because it’s so damned good!  And follow Giraffage (Soundcloud, Facebook) as well.  He tours, he releases musics and he’s worth your time.

Thinking About You, goes Chopped and Screwed on you and gets you fully in the mood that the opener started.

Lest you get hypnotized by the syrupy Thinking About You track, you get brought back to life with the sexy juke of money.  Sexy juke?  Is that even possible?  Well Giraffage has found a way to make that happen.

Flowing into the next track, the chilled out vibe returns with the track, All That Matters. This tune would find it’s place on any Get Busy Mixtape and for good reason. The vocals, the synth work and the slowed and throwed beat just smack of dimmed lights, rose petals and rumpled sheets.

Home is a track that brings together that 90’s RnB feel with juke sensibilities that really pairs two genres together that I’d never think would be a good fit, but Giraffage has done it. Breaking in and out of the broken and frantic beat, this tune is a stunner and doesn’t let you rest. You are up for this track from the jump and for only halfway through the album, you start to see how insanely great the album is.

Feels, the 6th track of the album, is really a nice beauty of a tune, using sampled vocals, pronounced drums and a sweeping atmosphere of synths to keep the Needs ride going strong.

Checkmate continues the 90’s vibe and is punctuated by the 808’s and juked out beat that gets you moving before you can get too comfy in your robe. It’s a reminder that Giraffage is more than just bedroom beats.

Undress U is appropriately titled as this track does just that. Panty Dropper, is the term kids use these days, and it’s quite appropo here. Keith Sweat couldn’t say it any better. Really.

As the Love Tunnel ride pulls back into the station, the track Before is playing and brings you out of the trance that you’ve been in since Close 2 Me first chimed in. This feel good tune reminds you that the album you’ve just heard is one to be savored, explored some more and by all means procured. So buy this thing, and enjoy it many times over, like I have.

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