Woody’s Produce; The Outkast We Love

Woody’s Produce is one of those guys who really delivers when he remixes those dope hip hop joints. And he doesn’t do anything half-assed, while he’s doing it. Taking on ambitious projects such as remixing a slew of Notorious B.I.G. joints, he’s moved onto another hip hop icon; Outkast. We got a hint at this project and how dope it would be when he released Player’s Anthem, and ATLiens and I figured this project would be a 5-7 track remix project, but he doubled my expectations and gave us 11!! It took him awhile and he spent many many hours on this and it shows. This album is sure to be a solid companion piece for any Outkast fan and serve to be a fresh take for any who might need an introduction.

Usually Woody’s Produce remixes are jazzy, soulful and downright chill, as his remix of Player’s Anthem is. But after listening to the album, you notice how Woody gets really bumpin on a few. Skew It On The Bar-B and Wheelz of Steel show that he can produce the banger as well. His take on Elevators is unique as well. Gettin the syrupy vibe of the original and spinning it to a chill bedroom RnB joint ain’t easy. Including a cover of Hey Ya, and more soulful selections, this album has it all.

So follow Woody’s Produce (Soundcloud, Facebook) and let’s all see what he’s got comin’ out next. He’s set the bar pretty high so far!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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