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One of the great people we’ve been able to meet and work with is at it again. DJ Babyshoe, who is becoming the sound of the underground in Denver is throwing another fresh produce party inviting some Waxhole favorites like RoboCLIP, KenJazzy, and Groove Cereal, as well as some we’ve yet to feature by the names of Cymbalik and Wolfe. But fear not! You will get to hear a selection of each and for all of our Denver area fam and readers, this show is not one to miss. From triphop to retrofunk to all out glitch, this show will have it all. Including some pretty great people along with the great production.

All of these guys really deserve some attention and some following, so check the tracks below and if you can’;t be in Denver, like me sadly, then explore their catalogues and show them some love.

Cymbalik (Soundcloud, Official Site) as is evidence by the track below, is all bass, samples and great feeling and atmosphere. Someone who has beats foir days, this tune shows that he can produce the full-fledged track of goodness that needs no MC on top of it. This tune, of his 23 on his Soundcloud is just that…one of twenty three. He has many more that are great pieces like this in that back catalogue. check that crazytown – Butterfly remix. for such a cheese-tastic (but guilty pleasure for many) song he really turned it into some good stuff!

Then we have wolfe. (Soundcloud, Facebook), another one of those wunderkinds who at just 16 is already creating great pieces of music making us old farts shake our head in wonderment at what we were doing at 16 (not much, is the answer to that). But this isn’t just some dude who got bored and started playing around with his Casio. No, wolfe. puts a lot of feeling and work into his production and that all comes out greatly with every track. He already has a release out (HERE) through Purr Tapes and his Soundcloud has over a dozen goodies as well. Sure he’s learning his craft, as every artist is (or SHOULD be!), but the fact that this tune below is his latest creation, is a great portent of things to come. I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

Shine by wolfe.

KenJazzy (Soundcloud, Facebook), one of the artists we’ve been following since the early days of the blog back in 2011 is just getting out from making music in his bedroom and showing what he can do on stage. The retro funk bass feel is what I like about his production and while he’s focusing on his day job and producing a bit in between, we just sit back and enjoy his back catalogue as well as the rare live spots he hits. With as diverse a range as his production employs, his live sets can only be as great.

Roll-Bounce by KenJazzy

RoboCLIP (Soundcloud, Facebook), the self-deprecating, drummer cum producer, and DAMN SON label co-head, out of Salt Lake City, brings us this great Passion Pit remix that employs his own special brand of sample heavy goodness that, as well as KenJazzy, really pulls you into every track. Trying to identify those samples that are used liberally throughout yet not able to be placed samples that pick at your brain for days, all the while listening to the track over and over again as you struggle with the dark recesses of your musical archives. It’s like an audial easter egg hunt.  Subversive as all get-out, and smart, if you get right down to it!

Passion Pit – Two Veils To Hide My Face (RoboCLIP Remix) by ROBOCLIP

Last but definitely not least comes our man Groove Cereal (Soundcloud, Facebook). Another producer that we’ve been following for awhile is back at it with another live show showcasing his special brand of trip hop, funkatron beats and vibes. Another artist who is just stepping out onto the live scene he is really bringing out the best in his production and getting the dancefloor really feeling all that he puts into his music. Something great with every spin with this guy, and an album forthcoming? I’m so ready!

We Could Drive All Night by Groove Cereal

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