Welcome To Kill Paris’s New Earth

As you might have seen, Waxhole has partnered up with some amazing people, sponsors and musicians to put on a bangin party to really kick SXSW off with a…well..with a bang.  HERE you will see more details and the full line-up and stay tuned to both BassicK Elements Facebook and Waxhole’s as announcements are coming hot and heavy. 

Tickets, by the way, are going fast, so get your early Bird Special ones before they run out (HERE).  And if you’re a baller, those VIP tickets are pretty damned cool too!
in the event that you’re not familiar with every artist on that list, we’ll be doing a post a day to feature one artist from the showcase.  And what a way to start the series, than with a new EP from Kill Paris, the showcase’s headliner.

We’ve been hearing the remixes for weeks now, first from Gramatik, then Griz, and just over the past weekend K Theory dropped a preview of their remix.  So now we get to hear the EP in its entirety and procure it from the source on the day it drops.

The EP, 3 original tracks and a massive 9 remixes of the three tracks from 6 different artists give us much to masticate upon.  The original 3 are the same groovyy bass-laden hot coals of funk that Kill Paris, or Corey Baker, is known for.  So check the three originals below and tighten that seatbelt because remixes are to follow….

Kill Paris – Slap Me by OWSLA Official

Kill Paris – To A New Earth by OWSLA Official

Kill Paris – Catch You by OWSLA Official

I won’t be posting all 9 remixes, as the Griz and Gramatik remixes have been passed around the blogosphere ad infinum, so I’ll focus on the remaining 7 that struck my particular fancy. Don’t take these three tracks as the only stand-outs. They are all great, but you get three to sample and now you must go get the album for yourself.

Kill Paris – To A New Earth (K Theory Remix) [NEST Exclusive] by OWSLA Official

First we have K Theory’s (Soundcloud, Facebook) take on the title track, New Earth.

Kill Paris – Slap Me (K Theory Remix) by OWSLA Official

Then, we have K Theory’s take on Slap Me. It’s so very good and so very K Theory showing why they not only belong on the remix pack but bossed it around a bit as well.

Kill Paris – To A New Earth (Robert Delong Remix) [NEST Exclusive] by OWSLA Official

And then finally we have Robert Delong’s remix of New Earth as well. Don’t take these two tracks as t

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