Valentine’s Love from Last Japan And RIT

Good morning, and Happy Fabricated Corporate Holiday! I have two freshies for you this morning that should set the tone for your day. One artist you’ve heard and one you might not have…yet. That’s not to say the artist you haven’t heard isn’t worth following, no, this guy has been putting out great music from the jump, just hasn’t featured on the blog.

Last Japan, out of London, is the artist I’m talking about and his track down below is just a glimpse at the goodness that flows out from him. The first track is from a guy we all know and love; RIT. This tune is just that great RIT concoction of dark and emotive sounds that engage the listener a different way with every listen.

So enjoy these two tunes, follow RIT (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Last Japan (Soundcloud, Facebook) and have a great Valentine’s Day!

To See You Again by RIT

 Girl – VIP (Free Download) by Last Japan

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