TYR Visits SunSquabi’s Lone Star State

TYR, off of a great weekend gig comes at us this week with a jammin remix of SunSquabi’s track LoneStar.  Employing copious amounts of guitar and bass, this tune shows what the child of Joe Satriani and The Glitch Mob would look like. I’ll wait for you to get that disturbing image out of your head. But wait, you want a beat you can rage to as well?  Well here ya go!

This is a fun remix and one that TYR is becoming known for (for example). And while he’s not just a remix guy, he really does them well.

I suggest jammin this tune a few times, then downloading it for free and then, most importantly, following the 20 year old producer out of Colorado (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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