Twice As Nice From Ghost Loft

Ghost Loft is one of those artists that I’ve been following for a bit and have been thoroughly entranced by every single release. So when I searched the archives for when I last posted Ghost Loft, imagine my surprise when I saw none! Just another one of those egregious omissions on my part where the steady playlist topper inexplicably is left off of the blog. Sorry about that, folks.

This remix and original is just so great and it gives us a chance to wonder why the hell he isn’t more popular. This producer, named Danny Choi, from LA is really providing tracks for a sublime soundtrack of absolute stunning material.

I’m including the original here as well, even though it has thoroughly already blown up. Even if it is 2 people who haven’t heard this track, then I will consider the inclusion a success. So do this listening of the original and the remix and become fans (Soundcloud, Facebook) forthwith. Absolute goodness is everywhere on the Soundcloud and I’m sure more will be on the way.

Ghost Loft – Seconds (Twice As Nice Remix) by GHOST LOFT

Seconds by GHOST LOFT

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