tumtums, so yumyum

For those who read the blog or are in the Denver scene, you know the name Snubluck by now. His wonky, quirky, but still very groovin’ beats have been a staple in my playlist for the past year and with the greatness he’s putting out, I can’t see why that would end. But Snubluck also has side projects, and a lot of them! Besides his prodigious solo output, he has Tayke One, Dream Genie and tumtums. This track here is of the tumtums variety and it is a collaboration project with amor, est. While I enjoy all of Snubluck’s projects, this one has to be my favorite. It helps that amor, est is also extremely talented and his solo work is also something to be checked, but whatever the case, when these two guys get together they make such goodness.

This track, just seemed to be a one-off which Snubluck is wont to drop every now and again. This track, though, is one of those tumtums signature joints and I love that the boys at Dirty//Clean have these two artists on their roster. Employing the airy synths with Snubluck’s off-kilter beat and vibe (or is it the other way around?) this tune is another to put in your playlist along with their album and any of the tunes they push out on the solo tip.

So follow amor, est (Soundloud, Facebook), and Snubluck (Soundcloud, Facebook) and get that tumtums album (HERE) forthwith!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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