TASO Goes Off Top With This Album

TASO’s new album Off Top off of Muti Music is one that shows a different side of bass music than what might be popularly viewed today.  While there have been many off-shoots, this juke/footwork/twerk/whatever jump is really great.  It invites exploration of beat patterns, drums, synth lines and vocal stabs and while some artists are still in the exploratory stage, TASO has got it firmly under control. 

I’ve thrown 3 tracks on here just as a sample, but you need to go HERE to get the album in full.  Quite the stunner and completely worth the purchase.  And believe me, I had a deuce of a time trying to select just three tracks to include.  They’re all worth a feature, but I have to tease the album somehow, right?

So check these tracks below, and again, go get this album (HERE), pronto!

TASO – This One Right Here by Muti Music

TASO – LAbeezy by Muti Music

Yheti – Crack the Window Refix (Taso VIP) by Muti Music

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