Ta-ku’s Nujabes Homage #’s 19 – 23

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re on the home stretch and we’ve got even more greatness in store.  Tracks 19 – 23 of the 25 tracks in the series.  If you’ve just now caught up to what this is all about, check out tracks 1 – 18 (Installments 1, 2, 3 and 4).  The long and short of it is that just like his 30 Nights of Dilla where he created beats with a nod to the master himself, he is again doing it for Nujabes, another master, and quite an under-appreciated one at that.

So listen to these beats, and if you’re familiar with Nujabes’ work, then just marvel at how well ta-ku has replicated the vibe and style of Nujabes.  This homage could stand beside any of Nujabes work proudly.

And obviously follow the man himself (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more.  This guy has beats for dayyyyys.

Night 19 by Ta-ku

Night 20 by Ta-ku

Night 21 by Ta-ku

Night 22 by Ta-ku

Night 23 by Ta-ku

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