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Soulular knows how to do Valentine’s Day.  Yesterday in a run-up he released a track via our friends at Forward Thinking Sounds, and then today he released his EP entitled Star Trip.  This EP of 3 fresh and 4 bonus tracks, is a pay what you wanna kinda deal and I, for, one am happy to throw some coin at this one.

Soulular is a name readers of the blog will recognize, but the sound, may not be as recognizable.  From his Satellites EP, to his entry to our compilation album to today’s release, his style has been ever-changing.  I would say evolving, but that intimates that his older work is a weaker version of today’s, and that is just not the case at all.

So check this single, the EP (HERE) and enjoy!  And follow Soulular (Soundcloud, Facebook) while you’re at it.  He has plenty of goodness in his back catalogue that you need to catch up on.

Soulular – For Reals (Free DL) by Forward Thinking Sounds

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