### Poundin’ It

The next artist in our series of highlighting an artist from the SXSW Showcase we’ve thrown our hat in the ring for is ###, or PoundPoundPound for those that might be symbol challenged.  One of the artists that will be performing a little earlier in the day and will make it imperative that you come before the sun goes down to get the party started nice and early.  When schmucks are working, you’ll be watching ### doin their thang.

Ranging from trap to moombah and getting into electro and electro house the dudes of poundPoundPound, Josh Wren and Jeremy Rhodes, make it clear that they don’t care about genre with their production and DJ mixes.  What they DO care about, though, is makin the dancefloor move and shake.  Below I’ve included an original as well as DJ mix that shows how they not only can make the live show bangin but make their studio works do the same.

So check the dudes of ### (Soundcloud, Facebook) and come out and see them if you can!

Manbahton -Mac & Smash Exclusive- by PoundPoundPound

### Guest mix for Ozcat Radio with Curtis J 89.5FM SF by PoundPoundPound

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