Party And Bullshit Should Be Cheapshot’s Theme Song

Well, he’s gone and done it, folks.  Cheapshot has taken his loving fingerless velvet gloved touch to the man himself, Biggie Smalls.  This one is not only more of the laid back beat remix variety, but this one even involves guitar!   But before you think Cheapshot has gone John Mayer on us, have a listen and see what I mean.  This venture into sacred ground (for me, anyway) turned out quite fruitful.  Taking this light hearted tune from Biggie, and giving it a California flair is just the right amount of both that would make any east coast head want to grab a surf board and head out to Rockaway…hey 2 foot waves CAN be surfed…sorta…

At any rate, get on this tune which is for Free to you, as always and follow the dude (Soundcloud, Facebook) for a LOT more from him.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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