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Ahh yes, the start of a brand new day! Wake up and start things of fresh with Kaytradana’s latest, a »

Who here of our readers are Burning Man adventurers?  Who of our readers wish they could go but never have?  »

Welp, it’s over.  The 25 Nights of Nujabes odyssey taken by Ta-ku with all of us invited, is done.  Posted »

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ONE4ALL Gets All Extrospective

ONE4ALL, or Augustine Verrengia out of Austin, comes at us with an EP dropping today off of Gravitas Records. It’s »

Audio Treats has a new EP out and one that is quite the gem. Debut EP, off of Damn Son »

Knight Riderz, the freshest music out of Edmonton comes at you with a new EP.  It’s bouncin’, bumpin’ and bountiful »

Vote for these guys on Beatport! PRFFTT & SYVABLE deliver some hotness with their new remix of Lazy Rich and »

For those of you who aren’t aware that heRobust is more than BUSTED remixes, check this tune out.  The dude »

Well, he’s gone and done it, folks.  Cheapshot has taken his loving fingerless velvet gloved touch to the man himself, »

When you have a favorite remixing an EDM hit you always wonder how much of the remixer and how much »

It’s not often that we hype an event or showcase or festival here on the blog, but we should do »

A really moving remix of an already well crafted song was created for your ears by Sieren. For me it »

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re on the home stretch and we’ve got even more greatness in store.  Tracks 19 – »

Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods get this production on lock. This track paired with Vel the Wonder and A.R.S. is »

Galvanix digs up a Sigur Ros goodie and lays his brand of fresh on it. With gorgeous vocals and a »