Moose Records Is That Big Game

There are head exploded times when favorite artists come together to remix each other, collaborate with each other or just have an old fashioned throw down with each other. Then you have Moose Records, which has done a few things that has made my music pants a little tighter. Moose Records founded by Andrea and Julia Losfelt (who came together on that great Brian Eno cover a few months ago) and features Waxhole favorite, Bear//Face, on the roster.

Well any readers of the blog or people who know me, know that I really do love the works of Andrea and Bear//Face, so this pairing up was one of those OH DAMN! moments. Then finding that Dream Koala is also on the roster added that icing to the cake. And then add to the fact that atu is also on the compilation album??? That’s like putting icing on top of icing on top of icing. This compilation album of which I speak of was how the label was announced as a real thing, and boy oh boy is it chock full of goodies.

While the tracks are not all unreleased or fresh off the presses, they ARE tracks of fire that need to be heeded. Below you will see three tracks from the compilation, one of which IS a freshie from atu (Soundcloud, Twitter) whom we’ve been following for a bit and love dearly.  There are also tracks from Slamagotchi (Soundcloud, Facebook) and from Keadz (Soundcloud, Facebook) which are both a bit dusty, but they still are as fire as when they first dropped and if you don’t already, you need to know these artists from Adelaide and Paris respectively.

So enjoy these, check these artists’ other works and by all means follow Moose Records (Official Site) as anything from this label is sure to delight!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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