Minorstep Makes The Retrograde

There seem to be a lot of male vocalists coming out lately that I’ve really been digging lately. Chet Faker being one, but James Blake is another, and James Blake is putting out newness, and with newness, remixes and bootlegs happen.

This bootleg is simple in that it doesn’t rip a lot out and add a lot of stuff in. The vocals are unadulterated with, mostly, and the overall vibe is still as tingly as the original. This bootleg, though, adds a bit of a darker feel to it, that lends a special effect on Blake’s vocals.

You know Minorstep from a past post (HERE) and while that EP is fire, this bootleg shows that this producer out of Greece really knows the craft. This is just another take on a great insta-hit and it, like the original, is worth a repeated listen.

So follow Minorstep (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more from this guy.  Worth every listen!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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