MAU Showin Us His Tricks

MAU is at it again!  This remix from Portuguese indie dance fiends is really upping their game with every track.  Whether it be remix or original, the sound is always so nice.  An EP/album IS upcoming I’m told, but we have to wait a little bit for that one.  Whatever the case, MAU is making it so easy on us to wait since the releases have been coming in.

This remix of Death In The Afternoon’s track Tricks is one that will engage you from start to finish.  And when I say start to finish, you’re really doing yourself a disservice by not listening all the way through.

So check this tune, download it for free (Thanks MAU!) and follow MAU (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more news and freebies as they drop.

Oh, and as a bonus, check these two remixes of Cheetah that were released a few weeks ago. Showing that not only can MAU remix with the best of them but their tracks, remixed, are ace as well.

MAU – Cheetah (Noah Hyde / Magic Sword Remix) by M.A.U.

MAU – Cheetah (&Delta Remix) by M.A.U.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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