Lusine Has Us Entranced In The Waiting Room

On a day when we’ve been presented with so much great music, Ghostly Records, Hype Machine and most of all, Lusine have given us all something wonderful…a new Lusine album (HERE)! I’ve been an admirer of Lusine’s admittedly a little later in the game than I’d have liked, but I’m not ashamed, just disappointed I hadn’t heard of him, Jeff McIlwain out of Seattle, before last year. But this album is a reason why you should all become familiar with Lusine yourselves. As a member of the Ghostly roster (how I first got onto him) he’s in some really great company and as a member of Ghostly the sound is one that you come to expect from the discerning sound of the label.

Below you will see three tracks from the 10 total and while these are my current favorites from the album, they are by no means the ONLY choice cuts. Believe me, I was tempted to post the whole damned album, but I didn’t want to trigger two tl;dr’s in one day. I’m sure I’ll find a new favorite from the album after another few listens, but whatever the case, you all need to check it out and procure, if you have the means. Whatever the case, you should really follow Lusine (Official Site, Facebook) and Ghostly records (Official Site, Soundcloud) for even more goodies from the two.

Lusine – Get the Message by ghostly

Lusine – By this Sound by ghostly

Lusine – February by ghostly

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