Knight Riderz With The Positive Vibez AND Interview!

Knight Riderz, the freshest music out of Edmonton comes at you with a new EP.  It’s bouncin’, bumpin’ and bountiful of beats.  But really, why would I fill up the page with my yammering when you can get the info straight from the Knight Riderz mouth?  That’s right, Waxhole was lucky enough to have some of our questions graciously answered by Knight Riderz.

So check this minimix of the EP (Get it HERE), check out the interview, follow Knight Riderz (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show some love!

Knight Riderz – Positive Vibez EP (Muti Music) preview minimix by Knight Riderz

Waxhole: You have a very wide range of influences and it really shows in your music. Is this something you try to do with your music or do all of these influences just come out subconsciously?
Knight Riderz: Id say a bit of both. I like to keep things varied to keep them fresh, and explore new possibilities and ideas but it also just come naturally without thinking alot of the time.

Waxhole: Is there one style you’ll be focusing on more of going forward or will it just be whatever, whenever?
Knight Riderz: There’s some brand new music on the horizon which has a distinctly different feel to it but still very Knight Riderz. It all is sitting somewhere between 135 and 150 bpm for the most part and just has a vibe unto its own. Ive played some of it out over the last while and all to great results. However moving forward there will be music all over the board, juke, trap, and footwerk influenced bits, as well as some more midtempo bangers, and some chilled out vibey bits too. Lots of stuff coming!

Waxhole: This is your debut EP, but how long has it been in the making? Are these tracks ones you’ve been working on a bit or are they all very recent?
Knight Riderz: Positive Vibez was created a few months before the new year all at one time. Was purposely done that way to give the music a cohesive vibe and just was something for that period in time. There will be more music of that nature but probably not another EP of all midtempo dancefloor tunes.

Waxhole: When putting together these tracks, is there anything the listener should look or listen for when sampling this album?
Knight Riderz: Be looking to dance, have fun, and most importantly bump it on a big system for best results! 🙂

Waxhole: You are from Edmonton..the only thing I know about Edmonton is the oil industry and Oilers hockey. what’s the music scene like up there?
Knight Riderz: It’s good and healthy. Lots going on all the time and alot of different people and crews bringing their flavour to the scene. There really is something for everyone here.

Waxhole: I’ve been following you for awhile and have enjoyed your bangin remixes as well as originals for awhile. How do you think your sound has evolved since Day 1?
Knight Riderz: It’s always growing and changing and being influenced by different things in life and the industry. So there are parts of it that are the same as they ever were and other parts that have changed and keep changing on the regular. It’s constantly evolving though that is certain.

Waxhole: Are you coming down for SXSW this year? Have you been before?
Knight Riderz: Yes I’m hella stoked to be coming there for my first time! From the sounds of things its going to be quite the epic party!

Waxhole: What’s next for 2013?
Knight Riderz: Working on a debut LP with Seclusiasis, Remixes dropping on Pretty Lights Music, Simplify, and MIG. As well as a collabo EP with Tnatric Decks dropping on Australian label Adapted. Lots of shows and working toward a live visual performance

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