Kaytranada es Nada No Mas

So there’s this guy by the name of Kaytranada, formerly Kaytradamus, but all the time, Bad-Ass producer out of Montreal. We’ve featured him on the blog many many times before and really we’ve been admirers from afar, but the tunes and the vibes he puts out are just so good, and never a let-down.

So let’s all see what he has in store for us today, oh an album? A full 8 tracks of Kaytranada goodness that you can pre-order HERE? Well yeah ok we knew this was coming as it was teased when he released that fantastic joint he did with JMSN (HERE). But to hear it and share it with you is what really gets us going. I’d wax poetic about this album track by track, but I don’t want to delay getting it to your ears any longer. Plus at this point in the week, your imagination is probably running stronger than mine anyway.

So follow Kaytranada (Soundcloud, Facebook), follow Jakarta Records for more dopeness. And by all means enjoy the tunes and GO GET THIS ALBUM (HERE)!

02 DON’T GET IT CONFUSED by Jakarta Records

03 HOT JAZZYBELLE by Jakarta Records

04 CLUB BANG by Jakarta Records

05 DEMOLITIONS by Jakarta Records

06 AN EXCUSE by Jakarta Records

Looking for Track #7? HERE ya’ go!

08 HOLY HOLE INNA DONUT by Jakarta Records

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