K.Flay’s West Ghostin’

K.Flay in the midst of a tour across the US gives us an album by the name of West Ghost. Thanks to Waxhole fam Smashly “BRYYTE” for alerting me to this gem. It’s the same kinda laid back lyricist kinda stuff that was featured HERE with Michna but this has some more aggressive, more introspective and more serious type vibes. Featuring collabs with Eligh and Grieves, as well as Allen Grey it shows she can also throw down with some heavyweights in the scene.

Only three tracks below, but believe me when I say the whole album is worth the FREE download (HERE). Yes, I said free. 

The first track below, Cops, is more melodic and more of a pensive type of tune than fans of K Flay might expect. Whatever the mood you’re in or that this track puts you in, it’s just a great tune to jam on the train, in the backseat of a car, or laying on your roof…wherever you can close your eyes and feel the music. Another Round is also a melodic tune, but is more of a aggro tune dealing with issues that seem to be more cathartic for K.Flay as providing insight to the listener. Then we have Don’t Wait Up, the title track of the album and it sets the tone oh so well. This tune warns that Greatness will ensue and it sure does!

So clock these tunes, cop the album and follow K.Flay (Soundcloud, Facebook) and check to see if she’s coming to your town soon. She’s worth the price of admission.

K.Flay – The Cops by kflay

K.Flay – Another Round by kflay

K.Flay – Don’t Wait Up by kflay

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