Jenova’s Sector 7

From the early days of this blog we’ve been keen admirers and supporters of Jenova 7 (see?), trip hop maestro, maker of great videos and overall great guy out of Massachusetts/California/Massachusetts again(?).  Well last December he released his long awaited album The Sounds of Sector 7, a moody and visionary collection of sounds, beats and tunes that seem to really fall into his world.

“A dusted, grimy and elusive collection of post-apocalyptic trip-hop fashioned in the deepest, darkest parts of the city” as Jenova 7 puts it in the album description, and listening throughout you can see those elements peeking through.

I’ve included thre tracks from the 26 tracks on the album that I think best represents the album as a while.  picking only three is hard and only scratches the surface.  The album truly works when listened to from start to finish, almost like reading a book, or watching a movie.  You can pick up a book or movie in the middle and understand the gist of it from this spot start experience, but the true impact is when reading/watching/listening straight through.

So check these three tracks, get the album HERE, and follow Jenova 7 (Soundcloud, Facebook, Vimeo).  This guy has so much greatness going on that it’s only a matter of time until he achieves a heightened level of recognition that his work deserves.

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