Introducing Last Night In Paris

Last Night In Paris, a fluid collective based out of London and providing their own production, their own lyrics, vocals and, as seen above, visuals is starting to make waves in the UK as well as Europe. Soon, though, they’ll be making waves in places as far away as the US, Australia and South America. Seeming to take their fluid group collective cues from Odd Future, and production and sound cues from NERD, both, acts that they have been compared to over in the UK, it’s easy to see that this collective of great talent have the world to lose.

This album, taking 9 months of past material and formulating with 3 months of studio time, shows off the vast differences in their sound, while always bringing the core production and greatness along. Whether it’s that The Weeknd/Frank Ocean feel of tracks such as So Very, or the Santigold sound of Entertained along with all of the various sounds in here, it’s plain to see that this past work was just bursting to be set free and more in the future can only be a good thing. Vocalists, and MC’s come and go on the album’s different tracks, but the great Massive Attack, or Tricky type feel is always there. When even the interludes are worth repeat listens, you know the production is on point. Letting you know that, while you’re listening to RnB, or hiphop, you’re getting much more than a pre-packaged track with just the vocal talent being the star.

While Odd Future seems to be the comparison du jour, which there are many similarities, I hope this particular group behaves more like a personal favorite collective of mine, Doomtree, who all release multiple works solo as well as come together with the collective, and create absolute stunners every which way they go.

From front to back this crew is really a great listen and experience as a whole. With the visual work and attention to talent on top of the vocals, I can’t see how they won’t be so much bigger by this time next year. 2013 will be their year and I am glad to be along for the ride.

So check these tracks below, download the album for free (HERE) and follow them (Facebook, Official Site, YouTube) for more news, videos, and updates that will chronicle their ascendance.

Breathe (Collard, KC & Taurean Roye) by Last Night In Paris

Keep You (Taurean Roye & KC) by Last Night In Paris

Before You (Tara Carosielli, Taurean Roye & Jordon Wi-Fi) by Last Night In Paris

So Very (Collard) by Last Night In Paris

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