Freshness, Exclusives and First Intro’s galore from Mosis, rumtum and Snubluck!

It’s not often that we hype an event or showcase or festival here on the blog, but we should do so more, and will do going forward.  Sure these shows will be applicable to only a portion of our readership (Don’t worry, we won’t be spamming you like your Facebook Events) but THIS show in Denver hits a large amount of our readership.  Coming at you this Thursday the 7th at the Larimer Lounge, Snubluck, rumtum, Mosis and Tiny Bubbles (1/2 of Hollagramz).  The Denver/Boulder/FoCo crew is the best group of readers/listeners/fans we have besides our hometowns of Austin and Dallas.  What is great about this is that Denver is such a hot bed of musical talent, either home-grown or transplanted.

So all of our readership in the area, go to this show! This particular post, though, does more than just hype the event.  It includes a Waxhole exclusive track from rumtum, Snubluck with a fresh off the presses tune and Mosis with an older track that got me introduced to his sounds and made me a fan.

Laura “Vincent Gallo RMX” by rumtum

RUMTUM, or John Hastings, is one to keep an eye on and one whom readers on the blog might not know too much about.  But this beat maker whether going it solo or working with his buddy Monster Rally, kills it on the beats.  If his first intro to our readers wasn’t enough to pique your interest then a live show will have you hooked.   This track is one made especially for us and this post and it just shows how rumtum (Soundcloud, Facebook) can delve into all sorts of vibes, sounds, and emotions when constructing his beats.

Floating Contraption by Snubluck

Then comes a man by the name of Snubluck, who needs no introduction to regular readers of the blog.  (Soundcloud, Facebook).  He’s been on this blog almost as many times as  I can count.  But the fact that he puts out greatness every single time is the reason why.  This tune is one he cooked up for us and one that I’m so happy he did.  It’s quintessential Snubluck and once you’re done with the listen you have yourself questioning what you just heard.  I haven’t yet heard what genrephiles have to say about Snubluck’s tunes, but I don’t care.  As a member of the Anti-Genre Party, I endorse this tune and all of Snubluck’s (Soundcloud, Facebook) work as Good!

You Say by MOSIS

Then we have Mosis (Soundcloud, Facebook).  A guy I really don’t know much of anything about.  I know he’s based out of Denver and I know he puts out great music.  The latter point plus the fact that he puts out great music is all I need to know.  This tune, while 6 months old, is the one that first got me introduced to Mosis.  Part of a pretty kick-ass compilation album (and we all know how much I love Compilation albums!), this tune has undertones of xxyyxx and while it makes this stronger, it is by no means the only thing.  The tune is great from start to finish and while a great addition to the compilation album, holds strong on it’s own as well.

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