Don Winsley’s All Up In Lipps’ Mountain

Don Winsley, out of Asheville, probably the coolest city in North Carolina, if not the entire Appalachians, brings us this tasty remix of Eliot Lipp’s track, Mountain. Kind of an appropriate title for Winsley’s city of record. But anyway, this tune, one of Lipp’s more upbeat tunes, gets the remix treatment from Winsley and it’s a genre exploring jaunt from Moombah to electro to dubstep to just overall goodness.

If Winsley’s name is familiar, it is because of his dubstep album he put out last year, but this year he’s focusing on more sounds, more diversity and just exploring in general. As for this track, winsley said:

When going about this remix I wanted to maintain the cool ambiance of the original but put my own high energy spin on things. I thought that the song would sound good as a 110 bpm french touch track and went from there. It was awesome mixing my hyperactive sensibility with the swagger and atmosphere of the original and I think the track came out with a really unique and fun vibe.

I think it works on many different levels and I’m glad Winsley’s taken a step outside of his dubstep sensibilities without leaving it completely behind. All of the aspects of this track make me excited to see what comes next from the self-described ‘big-haired ball of dance energy’ So follow Winsley (Soundcloud, Facebook) and download this tune for free. It goes quite well with your coffee.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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