Deep City Culture Is Definitely Jus De Crunk

Deep City Culture, a combination of Ryan Summers, or better known as My Pet Monster, who brings the upbeat cunkness, Summer St. Clair, or The Auganism, brings the melodious synthy atmospheres, and  Issam J, or better known as OrkidZ, brings the funk and world beat.  This collection of individual artists from the Bay Area bring us an EP for Free Download that spans the sounds of trap, big booty bass, and gypsy crunk, along with many more various genres and sub-genres.  The result is an album that is definitely not for the narrow-minded of tastes.  For those who love various genres and enjoy hearing them mashed up, this is an album and group for you.  An example of this, is the third track on the album, which sounds like something that would be bangin in some sweaty club in Baltimore, Nairobi or Sao Paolo.  It’s a real testament to how these three artists who might have disparate sounds with their solo projects can come together to really produce some goodness.

I’ve included my three favorite tracks, but believe me when I say there is something here for everyone and you need to check every tune.  They have graciously made this available for free download, so there is no excuse not to download and enjoy.  Follow Deep City Culture (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show them some love for this delightful album of genre mashing, booty shaking and head nodding goodness.

Orkidz & Auganism – Don’t Stop by deepcityculture

Deep City Culture – Toot Your Flute by deepcityculture

Orkidz – I Am In (part 1) by deepcityculture

Orkidz – Because of the Fish by deepcityculture

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