Crywolf plus Ianborg Gives Us Oceans

The first time I was introduced to both Crywolf and Ianborg I had completely different impressions.  With Crywolf it was last January with a party banger (and still one I jam on the regular) remix of Outkast’s classic Mrs. Jackson (HERE).  With Ianborg it was sultry and sexy remix of Ellie Goulding’s track High For This back last June (HERE).  This remix from Ianborg really introduced us to his style and vibe and with an oft-remixed track, and it was a special something to make this particular remix rise to the top. But that Giselle remix we added on as a bonus in that same post was really what grabbed me, and the music of both producers has held me ever since.

So now we add the still sexy sounding Ianborg to Crywolf who has morphed from frat house ragers (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) to a slower burn, vocal soul and more chill way of life and the two sounds have meshed to bring you this tune, simply titled Oceans.  From opposite sides of the continent (Crywolf – North Carolina, Ianborg – British Columbia) the two artists collaborated and have given us some real tangible beauty.  The vocals of Justin of Crywolf are really stunning and makes you wonder why it’s stayed hidden until just recently, yet at the same time, makes you happy that he’s sharing it with us all in tracks more and more often.  

So enjoy this track to the fullest, download it for Free and follow Crywolf (Soundcloud, Facebook), and Ianborg (Soundcloud, Facebook) for loads more freebies and to see what they both come up with next.  Two absolutely great musicians and two great dudes as well.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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