Come Party With Waxhole!

Those readers of the blog who have been keeping up with the doings of Waxhole for SXSW have definitely seen the showcase we are sponsoring with a whole host of great companies and people within the music, electronics, clothing, blogging, food and alcohol industries.  What you might have only heard whispers about, however, was that in addition to some Early Bird tickets on sale (HERE), as well as a chance to get further discounted tickets (by LIKE’ing THIS), we at Waxhole are giving tickets away to our fans and readers who will want to come to the party.

It’s really simple to enter to win.  LIKE our Facebook or Twitter to enter, and for mega points, give us a shout and join our mailing list.  With these many options to gain entries and with 5 passes to give away, you’re destined to win!  But, please please PLEASE make sure if you enter, you will definitely be at the show.  It’d be a shame if lil’ Susie couldn’t go to the showcase because bastard Billy in Tasmania* entered just to see if he’d win something to fill the void that was left when his lunch money kept getting stolen as a kid.  We’re not here to mend emotional wounds, bastard Billy!

So visit our Facebook page to enter and win!  It’s so easy Benny’s hamster…or gerbil…or guinea pig(?) could do it!

And stay tuned to our Artist feature a day series to highlight those artists you just might not have heard before.  Today’s Kill Paris shout out was Installment 1, so you’re right on time for all the fun.

*No offense to Tasmania or all of our 3 readers who reside there.  Tasmania was brought up only as an illustration, because really, everywhere has Bastard Billy’s running about.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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