Camp ? With the Campilation!

Who here of our readers are Burning Man adventurers?  Who of our readers wish they could go but never have?  Well for all of you, check out this unique concept from a Camp, calling themselves Camp ?.  In order to fund the sound system, stage rig, engineers and various other infrastructure necessities that are as annoying as they are necessary, the Camp has put together a kick ass compilation album and offered for donations to help not only fund the camp’s further existence but to make it bigger and brighter than the year before.

What does this Camp offer?  Well bad-ass artists for one.  Taking a look at the Campilation (get it?) it’s plain to see that this camp has some of Waxho,le’s favorite artists and sounds involved.  Minnesota, ChrisB, 2NUTZ, ill.gates, Sugarpill, Guttstar, and G Jones are enough to fill one compilation, but the tracks from thee artists make up only half.  Plus there are great tracks from artists not mentioned above and some who haven’t been posted here on the blog. 

So do yourself a favor and get this compilation album (HERE), then do the lads and lasses of Camp ?  a favor and donate a few coppers to their cause.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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