Bronze Whale Wants To Be Your Valentine

The alignment of the planets, synced migrating patterns of the waterfowl of North America, and around the world the tides have all converged to give the perfect wave to everyone lucky enough on a surfboard.  That’s what I feel like with three tracks from Bronze Whale in my hands right now.  Ok, so maybe it’s just the fact that with a few upcoming gigs and the impending Valentine’s Day the duo decided to drop a few mash-ups from their set.  Whether it’s the eco and cosmic occurrences or just chance, I won’t complain.  Three tracks from the Bronze Whale lads, even mashups as these are, are always a delight.

Before we get to the music, do the lads of Bronze Whale a favor and follow them (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more goodies, Adventure Time desktops and other random stuff that is sure to delight those of the random sensibilities.  Oh and if you’re in Austin, come see the dudes HERE drop this and other gems live!

A nice little pairing of Gold Panda nand Elliphant and this is a track that just fits that Bronze Whale vibe.  It’s nice and lilting without being too…lilting.  This one is sure to top many a’DJ’s set and it’s going to be one for my playlist.

Then we have Alex Claire and Kill Paris to continue the laid back and lovely mash-up that again fits that Bronze Whale vibe.  This one more than the rest is that perfect V-Day track, with the vocals and the piano.  But lest you get swept away, take heed of the Kill Paris bass and remember where you are…in the midst of a Bronze Whale experience…and another track is coming at you.

The third and last track of this little release is one that might not sound like something the Bronze Whale guys would release, but you have to remember, these guys know how to get a dancefloor thumping and tracks such as these set the venues on rageface fire.



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