Audio Treats Volume 1, Is Quite The Debut EP

Audio Treats has a new EP out and one that is quite the gem. Debut EP, off of Damn Son Records, this one has not only the greatness now, but shows the potential of even more greatness. Hearing subsequent tracks from Audio Treats, out of Salt Lake City, you know that there will be more goodness to come. The first track we posted of Audio Treats back in November (HERE) was our first glimpse at the EP. We at Waxhole were fortunate to hear the EP in its entirety awhile ago, so while these tunes are not new to us, they still are as great of listens today as they were the first time through. The hardest thing about this album for me was having to sit on the album until it was ready for release.

While the Anchor track was my early favorite, I have really grown to love the track Puppet, the opener to the 6 track EP. They are all good, mind, but these two for me have stood out and I continue to jam out. The one thing that I’ve noticed is that with every listen through the EP, I seem to take away something different which is exciting for me as a consumer.  Knowing that while Anchor was my early favorite, and Puppet is my current favorite, a month down the road I could have a completely new one to jam to more than the rest! 

Another aspect of this EP to be excited about is that there is a sample pack coming on Thursday featuring some artists that are not only Damn Son Records roster, but also some artists who are Waxhole favorites.

So get after this EP, download it for free, follow Audio Treats (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love. Oh yeah, and watch this space on Thursday for that remix pack!

Puppet [EP] by AudioTreats

Portrait [EP] by AudioTreats

Maze [EP] by AudioTreats

Glasshouse by AudioTreats

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