Audio Treats gets Remixed So Nicely

Remember yesterday when we posted the new EP from Audio Treats? And remember when we teased that come Thursday there’d be a dope remix pack (download it HERE) of the EP dropping for some pretty great artists? Well the fine folks of DAMN SON Records decided to allay our heightened anticipation and have released the remix pack a day early! With the pack including half DAMN SON artists (RoboCLIP, Dekai, Drix, Ellevader) and the other half Waxhole favorites (RUMTUM, CloZee, CC/NN, THiNK) with some definite overlap between the two, as well as introducing us to a new artist, J Ray, this pack has everything we at Waxhole would ever want! You know by now how high of esteem we hold many of the artists above as well as Audio Treats and his EP, so this remix pack just accentuates the buzz we’ve had since Monday when the EP dropped.

I have posted 4 tracks below, but these in absolutely no way indicate that there aren’t any better tracks on the pack. In just a teaser post, it was still hard to pick just 4 tracks to highlight. Containing genres from dubstep, to dnb, to chill, to minimal house, this remix pack has a little something for everyone. SO, without further ado, check out the tracks below. But go HERE to get the pack for yourself, and follow DAMN SON (Soundcloud, Facebook), and every artist you see in the pack. Audio Treats really hit it big twice with his EP and Remix Pack.

The first one comes from CC/NN, one Elliott Baker, who is one of the most prodigious producers I know. With closets full of music, and producing more every day either solo or in one of his many projects, the guy never sleeps it seems. This remix, though, shows that he doesn’t just put out music  just to do it which would result in stale or repetitive tracks. He’s good at what he does and his music reflects that. This remix has you going one way with the intro and then at the 1 minute mark, you’re taken with him down a left turn you might not have expected. I love the change of pace and the vibe of this track and it compliments the original so very well (as is the theme of these tracks and the entire remix pack).

AudioTreats – Anchor (CC NN Remix) by DAMN SON MUSIC

Next we have a selection from CloZee herself. The only remix to come from across the sea, this one doesn’t dissapoint in the least. It’s quintessential CloZee glitch with strings, flute and synthy crunches resulting in a great myriad of sounds that weave in and out of the original track’s sound and vibe.  This track holds as much CloZee as Audio Treats and it really shows how CloZee can impose her sound onto a track making it sound brand new, yet without diluting it one iota. 

AudioTreats – Anchor (CloZee Remix) by DAMN SON MUSIC

Then there’s our main man THiNK giving us the drum and bass treatment of Audio Treats. But what to listen for is the great THiNK sound. That skittering something that could come at you from a haunted funhouse, Silent Hill or from a psychological thriller soundtrack, THiNK always adds that sound to keep us interested all the way through the track. I love it and I am so glad that while adding that element and the drum and bass beats, the original still shines and isn’t buried in the process.

AudioTreats – Puppet (THiNK Remix) by DAMN SON MUSIC

Rounding out the post, but again by no means the end of greatness, is RoboCLIP who had a large hand in getting this remix pack done. As 1/2 of DAMN SON Records, he is the driving force behind a lot of what you see here as well as with the DAMN SON label, site and blog. And during all of this, he submits a remix as well. RoboCLIP really got me good with his remix, as he used samples throughout, one of which is from a favorite artist of mine and one of my favorite songs from said artist. I’ll leave you to figure out who that is. But this underscores part of the pleasure I get from listening to his music. I love picking out different aspects about a song and tracing back to the original, whether samples, vocal chops, dialogue or a sound, and RoboCLIP always gives me something to listen for and discover with his tracks. Oh and be on the lookout for a RoboCLIP album coming soon!

AudioTreats – Maze (RoboCLIP Remix) by DAMN SON MUSIC

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