An-Ten-Nae and Ooah Makin It Rain

As we all eagerly await the new Glitch Mob album, Ooah slakes our thirst with this fantastic remix of An-Ten-Nae‘s track, Raindrops On Roses, off of the remix EP of the track (HERE). Really owning the Acid Crunk genre he’s been fostering for years now (Check those Acid Crunk classic early editions!) An-Ten-Nae is cranking out some real bangers these days, whether solo, with LowriderZ, or with various vocalists.

This Ooah remix, though, is just something to be really admired and loved. Ooah’s sound can be heard remarkably without diluting the power of the original one iota. This tune is one of those epic tracks that opens a summer Sci-fi blockbuster with alien chicks in tights, rockets blasting everywhere and lazers, oh the lazers! For me, though, this tune will be my entrance to any party, company meeting or Chipotle visit. Wherever I can bust in in slow motion with doves flying everywhere Chow Yun-Fat style. What I’m saying is, this tune is epic and it brings you along for the ride. So I suggest you buckle up before you listen.

And as a bonus An-Ten-Nae has given us a great litle track for free in support of the EP. So grab the bonus tune, jam both of these tunes on repeat, buy the EP (HERE) and enjoy!

An-ten-nae – Raindrops on Roses (Ooah Remix) by OOAH

An-Ten-Nae – In My Brain (FREE DL) by an-ten-nae

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