Virgin Minds Belongs To Me…And You

It seems like either everyone is dropping goodness today to fit my mood, or I’m projecting my mood onto these tracks, or maybe they’re unrelated and I’m just trying to find meaning as to why all of this good music is finding it’s way into my ears today.

Whatever the deal is this song here from Virgin Minds is yet another that is a great tune that fits this cloudy day and fills it with positive vibes on a day when they could very well be maudlin.

This tune, starting out with random drums, an intro of the vocals and the synths morph into a beauty of a track. I am a sucker for female vocals, whether sung or chopped or repeated samples and this tune gives me my vocals and makes it one helluva tune.

So get at this track, it’s a free download, y’know, and follow Virgin Minds (Soundcloud, Facebook) to be privy to the new tunes whenever we are lucky enough for them to drop.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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