THiNK’s Drankin’ In Kendrick’s Swimmin Pools

THiNK, our fellow writer and blog brother is one of those quiet dudes who gives the blog some of that great content and then every now and then with no warning he drops a fantastic mash or remix into our laps like a grenade of sonic greatness. He did it to us when he dropped that CloZee – Aesop mashy, he did it to us when he collabed for a drum and bass banger called Swamp Rat and he did it to us most famously when we first started seeing what he has in his bag with this improbable, but so fresh, mashy of Dre and Snoop with The New Vaudeville Band (!).

So background aside, over the weekend when we were all slumbering with promises of a 3 day weekend and the nice crisp sunlight here in Texas was dulling our senses and slowing our bloodflow to a sludgey crawl, THiNK banged out a beaut of a mash-up. Pairing Djemba Djemba, who we have posted before a few times, with Kendrick Lamar’s hit and oft-remixed track Swimming Pools, he’s given us the perfect mix of melody with lyrics and it’s a really great listen.

So check the tunes below and really get to know THiNK as a producer as well as a writer. His Soundcloud is full of goodness and you just never know what will pop up next!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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