Ta-ku’s Nujabes Nights #’s 12-18

So it’s been longer than 5 days since I’ve given you Ta-ku’s Nights of Nujabes updates, but your patience is your gain, because you now get 7 tracks in this bundle!  But alas, we’re almost done, which makes me sad that the end is nigh.  But dash away those tears and let’s enjoy the ride while we’re still on it.  We’re close but it ain’t over yet.

These 7 tracks really do bring out the best of ta-ku, whom we all know by now (hopefully!).  Installments 1, 2 and 3 never let us down, and we’re still lovin every bit of it.  I’d suggest taking Nights 1-18 and listening to them back to back, with your headphones on in your most comfiest of chairs.  Or use this as your creative spark, or whatever you might need this inspiration to do.  It’s multi-purpose!

Night 12 by Ta-ku

Night 13 by Ta-ku

Night 14 by Ta-ku

Night 15 by Ta-ku

Night 16 by Ta-ku

Night 17 by Ta-ku

Night 18 by Ta-ku

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