Ta-ku’s Nujabes Installments #’s 2-6

Ta-ku, if you’ve been following, is doing his 25 Nights Of Nujabes, a project where every night/day he releases a beat that is an audial homage to the great Nujabes.

We posted the first installment last week (HERE), and rather than posting them as soon as they come out (and yes I have been bursting at the seams to do so) it probably isn’t the best form to do so. So as a compromise I will be giving them to you in chunks. Obviously you already have the 1st installment, so here are #’s 2 – 6. And in five days I’ll give you #’s 7-11 and so on until we hit that 25. I hope you don’t mind, but I know you will love.

So listen and enjoy, as I have, these tunes, and you should really follow ta-ku (Soundcloud, Facebook) not only for updates on this project, but for remixes, other releases, originals, etc. Make my posts superfluous and get the updates on your own already!

Night 2 by Ta-ku

Night 3 by Ta-ku

Night 4 by Ta-ku

Night 5 by Ta-ku

Night 6 by Ta-ku

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