Ta-ku’s Nujabe Beats, #’s 7-11

Yep, it’s time again for another installment of Ta-ku Takes Us All To School: Nujabes 101. The 25 Nights of Nujabes is chugging along famously with 11 tracks now and close to halfway in ta-ku isn’t losing any steam. Last installment was tracks 2-6 and this one goes 7 – 11.

If you ar new to this project or ta-ku in general, please go back and read this post for more background, but most importantly, listen to these 5 tunes with rapt attention. Once you’re done vibing off of them, then go get on some Nujabes. Not only to see how well Ta-ku has done to honor him, but to just get introduced to one of the best producers of our time. Ta-ku is staying true to the strings, piano, organ and chill vibe that made Nujabes so great, and his overall mood just smacks of the man he’s honoring.

Once you have sampled these beats to their fullest, follow ta-ku for the mountain of other work he has under his belt and enjoy! Immersing yourself in the ta-ku beats experience is one that could last for days, and is obviously recommended. So follow the dude (Soundcloud, Facebook) and not only keep up with his impressive output, but show him some love as well.

Night 7 by Ta-ku

Night 8 by Ta-ku

Night 9 by Ta-ku

Night 10 by Ta-ku

Night 11 by Ta-ku

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