Ta-Ku Makes It Last Oh So Good

Alright guys and womenfolk, I know I’ve posted Ta-ku already today, and I try not to beat you over the head with one artist.  But ta-ku has dropped so much fire on us lately it’s hard not to!

This EP he just dropped off of LFTF is one for the books.  It has tunes sampling heavily from TLC and Keith Sweat (why aren’t there more remixes of his stuff?) which is what he did with his Re-Twerk album that was just so awesome (where the Sweat remix was off of as well).  Add in an original featuring JMSN and another one just clippin along so nicely and you have yourself a 4 track EP to go along with your 25 Nights of Nujabes tracks you’re collecting as we speak.

So go get this EP (HERE) and follow Ta-ku for crissakes!

Ta-ku – BrokeAs by LFTF

Ta-ku – Make It Last feat. JMSN (LFTF003) by LFTF

Ta-ku – Tell Me Twice by LFTF

Ta-ku – Sweat Like Keith by LFTF

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