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I have been lucky enough to be exposed to some really beautiful music the past few days and have brought »

Alright, you all, here comes some Trap comin’ at ya.  It’s just that so many have come our way and »

Wow, Project Mooncircle does it again.  This label has become to be one of the scions of the label world.  »

PRFFTT and SVYABLE (I think I nailed this.. its pronounced “profit”and “siv-e-able”? Yeah? Yeah) are back at it, with this »

I’ve been on a GUTS kick lately, and so when he dropped this Django Unchained remix, it was stars aligning, »

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a compilation album.  Discovering new artists, hearing those unreleased »

Synkro, ya’ll.  Synkro.  I don’t have to say much more to gtet people excited, or mouths watering, but he’s here »

Ok, i’m just going to come out and say it..I don’t know hardly anything about this artist, named Cain.  The »

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Something suitable.

Wolftek is a producer based out of West Vancouver, Canada. With productions that range anywhere from glitched out neurofunk to »

B. Lewis has uploaded a special treat for us listeners this morning. Come take a listen to his latest “Back »

Monday when we posted Bobby Tank’s track Waterphone Shadows it was a teaser for his EP being released on February »

THiNK, our fellow writer and blog brother is one of those quiet dudes who gives the blog some of that »

Keys N Krates drops their EP “Lucid Dreams” and I gotta say, there is some really solid stuff going on »

New goodies from Ambassadeurs and man o man its good. Taking on “Not Again” by Yumi and The Weathers, Ambassaadeurs »

LANCELOT continues to provide a chilled-out catch as hell take on house music. Covered is spacey futuristic and throwback synths »

Ianborg is at it again this fine Monday morning.  Once again taking an indie favorite and turning it into sexytime »