NiceFingers With The ImagiNative NiceNice

So when a production duo comes to you with a new EP, you get stoked, but yet a little apprehensive. I think we’ve all followed music long enough to know that expectations or hopes aren’t always realized with an artist’s new material. You can’t fault the artists for taking a left turn, and when you’re not expecting it and maybe that left turn isn’t always to your taste and therefore the inevitble let-down ensues.

But fear not! This hasn’t happened with niceFingers’ newest release, titled ImagiNative (get it HERE)!

The duo of Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider have given us some really tasty grooves for our consideration with their new 4 track EP. Featuring an opening track with guest vocalist Jillian Ann, it gets us started on the right foot. And the EP doesn’t falter from there, either. The second track, SubAqua is 6 minutes of groovin bass and synthy wonderscapes all brought together by a drivin’ beat and vibe.

Enjoy these two tracks, and follow the dudes of niceFingers (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more goodies. Their back catalogue will give you hours of entertainment as you simmer on the new EP.

Starlights (niceFingers & Jillian Ann) by niceFingers

Subaqua by niceFingers

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