Nacey’s Goodness

Nacey gives us some good freshness today. Good in the sense that it’s new, and from Nacey, but after listening and understanding the background and inspiration behind the name, it gets a little somber.

The song title, Natalie Wood, refers to the gorgeous actress from the 60’s who passed away in a drowning incident that was always shrouded in suspicions and rumour. Now, evidently, news has come to light that proves that foul play was indeed involved.

According to Nacey:

“ sorta reminded me of the sound of being on a boat in turbulent waters or someone drowning, and the song feels really sad. i knew her death was a tragedy (she drowned) and there had been rumors of foul play, but now it sounds like those might be more than truths (all sorts of news today). it’s really a sad story.”

It is a sad story and the song seems to add to the commentary admirably, without sending you completely down to the depths. It’s a great tune but the feeling and tangible emotion seems to be drawn out by the inspiration

You know Nacey from previous posts (HERE) so you know this guy does great work, but follow him (Soundcloud, Facebook) if you haven’t already and show him some love.

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