Mr. Bill’s Tasty Bolognese

Mr. Bill is at it again, folks.  The man who just puts out so much goodness, has given us some Lego Bolognese for our morning and it is oh so tasty. You know Mr. Bill from his many appearances on the blog (HERE) as well as the wonderful remix competition he’s hosting with our friends at Gravitas Records (HERE), and this EP just adds to that list of greatness. 

This EP (HERE), off of Addictech, Omelette Records and Mr. Bill’s Tunes is really a great showcase of Mr. Bill’s prowess behind the producer’s table.  There are various editions of this EP as well.  One for the listener, one that includes the remix by Love and Light, one that is a producer’s lite version containing stems and a full version that includes the stems, Ableton projects, as well as footage of the behind the scenes and making of the EP.  For those who don’t know, Mr. Bill is a wonderful tutor and has many videos on Youtube and his site to attest to the fact.  For any producer who is just getting into the game, or Ableton, you would be well served to latch onto some Mr. Bill tutorials.

And to the music at hand!  The EP is below and it’s really a great romp through glitch, mid-tempo, neurofunk, and bubbletech (a new subgenre!) really gets you into the groove.  The first track, Heisenbogan is one of those quintessential Mr. Bill tunes, funky, glitchy and really a head-bobbin’ experience.  Love and Light’s treatment of the track gives a different taste and a different feel to the already groovin’ tune and it’s a wonderful addition to the EP.  The second song, Piss Rash Blues is a nice mid-tempo funk tune that employs sax, vocal chops and a synthy bassline that is reminiscent of OPIUO and is everything that we love about the sound.  And then comes SBS Quality, the third track from the EP.  This one is probably my favorite of the EP and the sounds and vibe Mr. Bill gets on this track is really really good.  It’s quirky, it’s funkin’ and it’s overall great.

So check this EP (again HERE), follow Mr. Bill (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy this latest offering.

Mr. Bill – Heisenbogan by Mr Bill

Mr. Bill – Piss Rash Blues by Mr Bill

Mr. Bill – SBS Quality by Mr Bill

Mr. Bill – Heisenbogan (Love & Light Remix) by Mr Bill<

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