Marvel Years With Some Who!

When I say I loves me some retro-funk hop/glitch/mashes I really love them.  That’s what first hooked me on Pretty Lights and what I still gravitate towards with artists more lesser known.  Enter Cory Wythe, or Marvel Years (formerly Wonder Years), one of those acts that seems to know exactly what I love and crafts an entire sound around it.  Obviously I’m not the center of the universe so the fact that I have been exposed to Marvel Years, is wonderful!

You might remember the album that was released via Gravitas Recordings last year (HERE) and if you had checked it out you’ll remember how great it was.  I still run that thing through my playlist regularly.  If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and go download that album.  It’s a beaut!

As for this one here, it’s a take on The Who’s track Eminence Front and as for a great re-fit, this one definitely does.  One of the all-time classics from The Who this tune will satisfy those music-heads who both know and love The Who as well as those who have no idea whether the band name is The Who or Eminence Front.  But once hearing the song, anyone who has been inside of a sports stadium, will know the classic hook.  Marvel Years has taken this tune and re-fit it wonderfully and I’m now on my 5th listen.

And as a bonus, check out his tune, Where’s The Thrill, from his back catalogue that displays how awesome his sound is.

So follow Marvel Years (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love!

Marvel Years- Where’s The Thrill by Marvel Years (Official)

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