Marble’s LL Remixes

There’s something about Remix Single packs that tend to bore me after a few tracks.  Sure if it’s a single I really really like, I’ll vibe to all 3-4 remixes in turn, but then I’ll get burned out.  However, this remix pack has done something I rarely have seen.  Take one track from Marble (labelmate of XXYYXX) off of Relief in Abstract and throw it to 5 producers and come out with 5 interpretations so completely different from the original that you’d think you were listening to different tunes.

It does help that there are three producers on here whom I really really like in Ta-ku, Blackbird Blackbird and RuddyP.  But even the two that I’m not as familiar with, GRANT and B.Lewis bring some fire to the pack.

So check the release HERE for the download, and then check these remixes.  And while Ta-ku’s is my favorite they’re all so nice!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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