K Theory’s Brick House Is Notorious

K Theory, ya’ll. It’s been awhile, but guys…K Theory. They’ve been rippin ‘tings while we’ve been sleeping and not only live ‘tings, but putting out tracks for our consumption.

Firstly they reconfigured an old track and invited lyricist by the name of Dante to rap over the tune and it really adds something great to the track. Then for a fan appreciation type thing they went and remixed disco funk classic Brick House by The Commodores. Yeah this tune is in any disco and/or funk anthology and for good reason! Then the dudes of K Theory go and remix the hell out of it and make it as fun today as it must’ve been back in the 70’s when it was released.

So don’t be sleeping on K Theory, folks. Follow them (Soundcloud, Facebook) and be privvy to all their new happenings. They tour, they remix, they produce originals at a most prodigious rate and you all need to snatch up all that you can.

Notorious (Feat. Danté) by K Theory

The Commodores – Brick House (K Theory Remix) by K Theory

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