J1K’s Beats For Days!

Many times there are times when you listen to a song and you find yourself listening to the beat rather than the lyrics. This doesn’t happen because the lyricists are weak or bad (not always, anyway), but just because the beats are just so fresh you can listen to the track on repeat and get something new with every listen. That is what happened when I listened to the song Superchronic I posted back last year from The Philosofist and X The original (HERE). Upon the third and fourth listen I started really getting entranced by the underlying beat and wanted to hear more. Thankfully Philosofist introduced me to the man behind the beats, a man by the name of J1K, or Jake Karlosky out of Maryland.

So after talkin with Jake and a mild suggestion that he should probably put all of his great beats into a beat tape, he did so without hesitation. This album (HERE) that the three tracks below come from is a collection of beats he has been producing and collecting for over two years now…like a lot of great producers tend to do!

Jake was gracious to answer a few questions I had:

Waxhole: You whittled this album of 20 tracks down from over 80 beats. How did that process happen?

J1K: Some of these beats are 2 years old, which is the crazy part, but they are the ones I go back to the most. The track “lovin'” is ATLEAST 2 years old, but I compare every single beat I make to that one. Quality and ear appeal. The beat “lovin'” has both of those qualities and I feel that if you can listen to a beat WITHOUT lyrics, then that says something about it. And when you put an emcee on it, you have a perfect song. That’s how I came up with those 20 beats for the tape.

Waxhole: Your beats are Sample-based. What do you look for in listening for samples or do the samples just jump out at you without notice?

J1K: I never listen for anything in particular. If a sample jumps out at me, I have to use it. The beats on the tape are all from samples that I had to use and start ASAP. It usually happens when i just throw on a record to listen for enjoyment. If I hear something on the record, I use it. I feel like searching for samples is tougher so I just let it happen.

Waxhole: Who were your influences growing up and who do you listen to a lot these days?

J1K: ahhh man influences im just gunna list them. Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Thes One from People Under The Stairs, DJ Premier, J Dilla , Alchemist. I think from each beat, you can tell the influence. I honestly dont listen to A LOT of hip hop, lately its been a lot of electronic, like Toro Y Moi. As for hip hop though, i listen to Nas the most.

I selected these three tracks, not because they are the only good ones, but because they all three show a different sound/style to look out for in the album. These three are just the tip of the iceberg with J1K (Soundcloud), and this album, so take a listen, download sharpish and show him some love.

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